Straightening your hair without FRYING it!

A couple of my customers have asked about straightening hair and how to protect your hair, keep it shiny and make sure you get a super sleek look. Just a forewarning altering the texture of your hair is not always easy and may require a little extra work. It can definitely be done - just take a look at the effects on Sarah Jessica Parker. She has gorgeous curly hair, but also gorgeous straight hair!

First be sure to wash and condition your hair. One of the key tricks in not allowing your hair to get a dry frizzy look is to make sure there is still moisture in the hair. Conditioner is step one in that process. Click Here to Read the Entire Article


Deep Conditioning Treatments At Home

Want to have that feeling of a $50 deep conditioning treatment without spending the money??? Take your favorite conditioner and put it in your hair while it's dry, work it through so your hair feel slightly damp. Do this at night, right before you are going to bed. Then put on a shower cap and sleep with the conditioner in your hair. Click Here to Read the Entire Article

The Easy Way to Super Straight Shiny Hair!

Sick of frizzy puffy hair? Well let me give you the best tips for smooth, shiny, healthy hair. The only way you can straighten you hair is by heat so you need something that will protect your hair from it. The Matrix Sleek Look 4 Step System is the best! All four products work against heat and dont let your hair get frizzy! The Conditioner (Step 2) Can be replaced with the Conditioning Masque which is great to leave 2 to 3 minutes on hair and the wash off. Leaves hair super smooth and the best part is that the sleek look system has a very tropical clean smell. The straighting cream is the best part since it protects your hair from the blow dryer. The best way to lock in that straight look is to iron your hair after blow drying it. Use the ironing spray from Matrix Sleek Look. The Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Flat Iron is my favorite straigtening flat iron, but I hear that the Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener is a great iron also! After, finish with the shine spray or the little cream bottle which is great since it doesn't contain water so your hair doesn't get frizzy. Also it doesn't leave a greasy look on your hair so that's important. Well good luck with your hair and trust me on this, you will love your hair after these tips!!!
  • Step 1 - Prime - Smoothing Shampoo
  • Step 2 - Condition - Smoothing Conditioner
  • Step 3 - Smooth - Styling Cremes
  • Step 4 - Finish - Sealing Serum

Professional Ceramic Ion Flat Iron

Matrix Sleek Look 4-Step System
Matrix Sleek Look

Matrix Sleek Look
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